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Consumer Units / RCDs / Fusebox electrical installations in Chatham, Rochester and Gillingham

Medway Consumer UnitChances are if you have an old fusebox then you will also have old wiring. Old doesn't mean unsafe though, so adding a modern Consumer Unit (the new name for a fusebox) will help protect, you, your family and your homes wiring. 

Deaths from electric shock are rare in Medway, but why take the risk? With older wiring, the insulation can breakdown, or maybe a connection becomes lose. New consumer units have switches that are very sensitive and if there is a breakdown or problem on the circuit it will 'trip'.

In a fault condition a consumer unit will switch off the circuit before you get electric shock, much quicker than an older style fuse boxes.

We've installed many a consumer unit in Medway and Kent, so get in touch so we can advise you on your options.